Friday, June 24, 2005

Profile Change

I had to make a change to my profile. While I'm still a new knitter I'm now a 31 year old new knitter! That's right, I had a birthday yesterday...happy birthday to me!! I had a good day, the hubby got off work early ( an amazing feat in and of itself) bearing flowers and chocolate and then we went out to lunch. The kids have this weird obsession with Red Lobster so that's what I picked. Funny thing is, they get there and want chicken! Although they did discover that the shrimp on mommy's plate was pretty tasty :o)

In other news I don't know that this baby is going to hang out for another 2 weeks like it's supposed to. I had an appointment on Wednesday and they said I *might* be in early labor. This should not come as a surprise since I've been contracting and just generally uncomfortable but YIKES! Don't get me wrong, I'm ready to give this little guy his eviction notice. I just feel like I still have so much to do. Today will be spent doing laundry, making lists, and packing bags (no, I haven't packed a bag yet...yes, I've already heard it from the hubby). Tonight I must knit. I have a baby sweater that has to be finished my Sunday morning and I would love to finally be done with the orange blanket.

Not much knitting content because there hasn't really been much knitting going on. It's been a very busy week...doctors, dentists and whatnot...trying to get everything out of the way before the big day!

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Plan...

Where have I been? Well let me start by saying I had a plan. The plan was to update the blog when I got home from knitting on Wednesday. I had been home about an hour, chatting with the (dear at the time) husband when I reach for my laptop and he says, 'oh yeah, I up some stuff and I think I accidentally hit a pop up and then I couldn't get them to stop so I just shut it off'


Turns out my (not so dear at the time) husband somehow got a Trojan on my laptop. My lifeline. My baby. THEN has the nerve to say, 'I don't know why you are so upset. It's not the end of the world.' Well let me tell you all, it was almost the end of his world. He's lucky my kids would never forgive me for killing him.

I keep everything on my laptop. I tried in vain to save myself from having to run that darn recovery disk but to no avail. I loaded a trojan 'finder' and a new firewall but the popups kept coming as did the trojan notifications. So I shut the computer down and let it sit, too disgusted to deal with it. Not to mention looking at it made the desire to strangle my other half that much worse.

So what did I do? I knit! I worked on my orange baby blanket and finished two sweaters. This one...

and this one...

The first one I made out of Cotton Tots that I got on clearance at Walmart. I think it took three and a half balls but I can't remember how many I bought. The second one I used 2 skeins of Cotton Fleece and the crocheted border is Cotton Fleece as well. I believe the color is antique rose.

I'm almost done with the Chunky Cardigan out of Simple Knits for Cherished babies. I just have to do the border and sew on the sleeves. I still have to do 2 more sweaters and a blanket for gifts. I bought a bunch of Bernat Baby Boucle for the blanket so it will knit up quick. I've started another sweater in Cotton Ease for a baby shower I was invited to this weekend. Short notice, so I'm knitting like a fiend.

I did some other stuff during my absence. I'm sure you all know that yesterday was Father's Day. So last week I took the boys to the Folk Art Studio and we painted some pottery...

They had SO much fun and can't wait to go back! I'd take a pic of the finished products (which by the way Daddy LOVED) but that would require going upstairs and when you look like this...

climbing the stairs is no easy task. Yes, I am aware that I have no head in that picture. My 6 year old was the photographer and, well, you take what you can get. Anyhow, this gives you an idea of how huge I am. Just three weeks left! Yay!!

I also got a great deal on a ball winder ($17 at AC Moore with JoAnn's 50% off coupon), and discovered that the new Tuesday Morning sells 3 skein bags of Cotton Ease for $6. Other than that I was hiding from the heat.

So, what finally hapened with my computer you ask? I couldn't take it anymore today so I backed up what files I could and did a quick (that's what the disk said but it was anything but 'quick')restore. At first I couldn't get the disk to work and was ready to seriously lose it but I got it on the second try. Now I just need to reload all my bookmarks and rebuild my address book.

I have declared my laptop off limits to everyone in this house but me. Mommy's toy. My husband wants to know how I can forbid him to touch it. I told him to watch me. And if he feels daring to go ahead and try me. As it is his punishment is to be my swift while I use my new ball winder :o)