Friday, September 29, 2006


I'm here. We've just moved into the house and things have been crazy. Yes, there was drama. Yes, I'll tell you about it. But now, I only have a few minutes while the alarm guy sets up our system. DH went to get the last of the stuff out of the apartment and I made the (selfless) decision to stay here until Mr. Alarm Guy was done.

There has been some knitting, though not as much as I would like. I haven't found all of my knitting books yet, but I've unpacked most of the stash. Boy was I happy to see my yarn!

Y'all have a great weekend :o)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Balls of gray

This post may be a bit random since it's been hard to organize my thoughts these past few days. My knitting has been random and sporadic as well. I've got way too many projects on the needles and I continue to start stuff. Maybe if we had some progress on the house situation I'd feel a little better.

We were supposed to close today at 4. We didn't. What pisses me off in this whole situation is just the lack of communication. Believe me, I understand that things happen. I just want to know what's going on and WHY it's going on. There were just way too many little things that should have been taken care of before today. I truly believe that we could have gotten it all done today if the right hand knew what the left was doing. Now we are scheduled to close on the same day that our household goods are to be delivered.

Enough of that. After a couple of glasses of wine (and some pizza) I'm much better able to deal then I was this afternoon. Now where was I? Oh, yeah, my knitting...

I've decided to measure DHs sweater progress by balls. I mean, what better way to track the progress of a 'Manly Sweater'? Two balls down, 13 (I think?) to go. This is slow going people. I think I'm going to have to mandate a certain number of rows a day or something. Perhaps a two ball a week minimum.

The Ballet Camisole is *this* close to being done, and I have all but lost interest. To the point, even, where I was thinking about ripping it. I don't know why.

I'm also working on Picovoli, , Orangina, the Child's Placket Neck Sweater, Sesame, a 5~hour Baby Sweater, and a pair of Jaywalkers. What's wrong with me? I might need an intervention.

Thanks for all the kind comments on my shawl! I really enjoyed knitting it, and fear I might also cast on for another lace project to add to the Mountain of projects that are in various stages of completion. I think someone asked how I liked the KnitPicks Gloss? I liked it a lot. I'm pretty sure I'll use it again. I hope they plan to broaden their color range.

Have any of you guys signed up for Socktoberfest? I have!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Flower Basket Shawl

That little crumpled pile in my last post is Evelyn Clark's FBS. These photos are the best I could do considering my 'help' was trying to grab the camera.

Oops! Baby fingers...

Hey! Get back here with that!

Okay, that's better.

Here are a couple of close~ups...

and here...

I used way less than 2 hanks of KnitPicks new Gloss in Dusk. I probably could have added another repeat, maybe even two. I followed the pattern as written and used Inox circs in a US7.

I'd call this a pretty easy pattern. It was really easy to identify any mistakes, and fix then without having to frog. Thank goodness because I was a rebel with no lifeline.

We have a meeting with our house builders today. I'm not a happy camper because they keep pushing our closing date back and, well, I'm in a one bedroom apt with three kids (and one husband). I've got to get up out of here. Yesterday I went to the office and heard the same song and dance about not wanting to skimp on quality for speed. Well they can kiss my a s s because I've seen no action in or around Chez Busy for the past couple of weeks. I told DH he has to do all the talking today since I'll be too busy biting my tongue.

We've also got not one but two flag football games later on today. The boys are super excited :o)

Saturday, September 02, 2006


No? Okay, how about now?

Yeah, I'm not really either. Well be back though, after a bath and a good stretching!