Monday, November 21, 2005

Pack 'em up and move 'em out

I'm supposed to be packing. Well actually I'm all packed except for my knitting. What do you take for a fun~filled holiday weekend with ALL of the in~laws? I'm thinking socks? Perhaps I'll finish the mate to this one...

Here's a close up...

I really like how it came out! I know the striping is a bit bold for the cables but that's ok. I used the magic loop method and cabled without a cable needle so I'm pretty proud of myself for using two new techniques in one project!

The other reason I'm thinking socks is because I got Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road as part of a swap and since I'll *actually* be (you guessed it)knitting on the road (LOL) I find it fitting. I've got some really pretty handpainted sock yarn that I got from one of the (not so)LYSs but it needs to be wound and I'm behind schedule as it is. Looks like the navy Kroy will get packed up! Maybe something lacy since it's a solid? I've also got some solid red on it's way to me from a friend. I think I might join that solid sock KAL (or something like that, I saw it while surfing yesterday)!

Perhaps I'll pack some yarn for hats and wristwarmers too. I'm determined to get my youngest child to wear a hat even though he takes them off and throws them. How sad is it that the child of a knitter won't wear a hat?

My hourglass will come along too just for the heck of it. I'm sure she'll enjoy the ride and maybe even get pulled out during those destracting gab fests (not that these are bad or anything)with relatives :o)

Ok, so what I'll only be gone 5 or 6 days? A knitter's got to be prepared!

Enough procrastination. I must shut this thing off, get my yarn together, and go to bed. 4am will be here before I know it. Come to think of it I'm packing a pillow in with my yarn.

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend! Don't get mauled if you shop on Friday, don't eat too much, and don't get too drunk!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Still Searchin'

I'm still having the hardest time concentrating on any one knitting project. The sock did little to cure my affliction...

though it is coming along quite nicely. I even taught myself how to knit a sock on one long circ, magic loop! I can't shake the feeling that I should start something new.

Funny thing is I feel overwhelmed at the same time. Like I have too many projects going on at once. So I thought perhaps I needed a small break from knitting all together? I made this...

Cute, no? Once I got all the cutting done it sewed up in a snap! I love this fabric and want to use it to make a bigger tote bag and perhaps a needle roll. The lining is just plain black. I liked it so much I made another...

This one is (obviously) larger and made of some denim I had lying around. I lined it with other fabric I had lying around. I even made pockets for the inside...

What's that? You don't see any pockets? Well that's because I was trying to watch Desperate Housewives while I was sewing and the lining is inside out! I'm a genius. I need to take it apart but will wait until my next round of bag~making. I went to JoAnn's (hooray for JoAnn's coupons!) and got some more fabric and some zippers. I want to make some more bags as well as needle cases and notions bags and whatever else I come up with. Hopefully I can snap some pics of my loot tomorrow, it's kind of dreary 'round here today.

I've been doing more blog surfing than anything (easiest to do while holding a baby and watching ESPN) and I'm just amazed at all the craftiness in blogland. There are three things that have struck my fancy lately...bags, quilts, and baking. I'm well on my way with the bag thing. I mean at least I can actually make one, I can get fancier with it the more practice I get. I'm intrigued with Amy Butler. Are her patterns worth the price? Everyone seems to be universally ga~ga over her fabrics (which are beautiful)but I've read mixed reviews on her patterns. There's no doubt that the finished products are great and I'll pay more if they are helpful to a sewing newbie. Maybe I'll go to G Street Fabrics to try and check them out tomorrow. As far as quilting I have no idea! I really want to be able to make some of the awesome quilts I've been seeing around. I don't think I'm ging to learn from a book though.

Now that we've covered all I can't do, let's talk about baking. It's everywhere! Namely cupcakes. They're everywhere! The opportunities to drool while browsing the internet are endless...who doesn't like cupcakes? And guess who came home from school today asking if I could make some for his class? I just might have to go out and get one of these books!

Oh my goodness! See what I mean? So far I have plans to make a quilt while I bake cupcakes and knit socks after I sew up some bags. Somewhere in there I've got to get the dishes and laundry done. Help.

I promised a Halloween update didn't I? Pretty uneventful...candy was collected, candy was handed know, the usual. The boys were excited though because Daddy was able to go for the first time ever.

Doesn't Daddy look thrilled? Haha!

I apologize if this entry was all over the place. We had a birthday party last night. Not only did I miss my knit night but the party was at Chuck E Cheese. I'm still recovering.