Friday, November 05, 2004

Coming back to life!

That's how I feel! Yay! Things have been busy. I finally got my car back today and had to get a dress fitted for a wedding next week. Not to mention school has been kicking my butt! Amazingly enough I have been able to sneak a little knitting in here and there. I should have some updates (with pictures) either tomorrow or Saturday :o)

Thanks to all who thought about me in my time of diziness and dispair!

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amber said...

Hi Kim-

You posted on my blog asking about the kwtog part in the ruffle scarf pattern. I'm going to try and explain it. This would be soooo easy to show you but I'm hoping it comes across ok in writing. After you do the 3 rows with wraps (did that part of the pattern make sense?) as you knit across you stick your needle into the little bump/wrap that is around the base of your stitch and also stick your needle through the actual stitch and knit them as one. Then you k 1. Do it again 2 more times. Give it a try and I think it'll make sense. I had a bit of trouble with it on my first try as well.

Good luck,