Monday, March 21, 2005

I need a hug.


I had to work this weekend (guard duty). On Saturday DH took the boys to a friend's house to hang out. When I got home it was nice and quiet, so I changed out of my uniform and put my feet up. Yay! Then he called and asked if I wanted pizza for dinner. Pizza? Yay! I decided to take a quick nap. Little did I know this was the calm before the storm.

The three of them bust through the door....DH is calling my name and pulling off his shirt, DS #1 is wearing clothes that he doesn't own, and DS #2 just looks confused...asking if he can have a piece of pizza.

Turns out DS #1 started vomiting, some of it projectile. This explains the tearing off of the clothing...he sprayed vomit all over the inside of the truck, including the back of poor DHs head and neck! So I get DS #1 out of his (borrowed) clothes and into the shower while DH cleans the vehicle. He spent the rest of the night puking...mostly on the carpet. Not sure what kids have against the toilet but hey. Yesterday he didn't eat much but seemed to be on the mend.

We put the boys down at about 8. At about 9.30 DS #2 is standing in our bedroom because he 'throwed up' in his bed. As we are cleaning that he's throwing up in the hallway. We finally stopped the puking/cleaning cycle at about midnight, only to start it this morning at about 5.30. Once again I clean up the bed and give him a little bucket with a plastic liner. I go downstairs to start a load of laundry and come back up to more puke...on the floor NEXT to the bucket.

Worst part about all this is I lent my mom our carpet shampooer and I can't find my can of Spot Shot ANYWHERE. Therefore, upstairs in my house smells like (well to my pregnant blood~hound nose anyways) smells like vomit. My friend is nice enough to lend me her machine so that's how I'll spend my afternoon. Well that and spraying everything down with Lysol!

Poor kids. This is the first time we've ever had to deal with any kind of stomach virus. DH (at midnight, LOL) was going through the refrigerator determined to find the culprit. He managed to throw out a bottle of juice and some chicken nuggets before I stopped him. He can't wrap his mind around the fact that it's most likely not anything they ate.

Knitting? Well I'm almost finished with my multidirectional scarf. I did most of it on Saturday night (after all the hoopla) while watching The Village. The chevron scarf is coming along, just not as fast as I need it to. We're going out of town on Saturday and I wanted to be done before then but I don't know. If push comes to shove I'll finish it in the car on the way, I will just have to find a spot at my BILs to block it.

I'm patiently waiting for my Overstock and Elann orders. Maybe today? I also have to finish getting my Operation Haremail package together so I can ship it before I leave. Last but not least I have some wool I want to dye (so it's dry and ready for winding when I get back) and fabric I want to make into a needle roll (so my needles don't get lost on out trip). Looks like I have a busy week ahead of me!


Leisel said...

Oh, what a rotten day for you. Kids sick is hard on mom, but throwing up kids is the worst kind of sick. You're lucky if you don't end up throwing up yourself from the smell of it.

If you don't have one already, I highly recommend you get a carpet deep-cleaner. They make things so, so much easier when there's puke to clean up.

- Leisel

Kim said...

Thanks Leisel!
I have a deep cleaner...but it's at my moms! LOL! Lot of good that does me. I did get my Elann order today though! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Sorry the kids have been sick. Hope EVERYONE is feeling better soon.