Sunday, October 30, 2005

Gimme my little sticks!

Ok, what's the deal with this whole 'socks on circs' following? What am I not getting?

I was gifted some wonderful sock yarn from Jen of Blue Alvarez and since it was new (and I have the attention span of a flea lately) I wanted to cast on for some socks. Now to figure out what socks? about the Go with the Flow socks from IK Spring 05? Perfect!

As I'm digging for my trusty DPNs in my box o' tools I came across 2 pairs of size 3 circs...20". I tell myself what better time to teach myself the 2 circ method loved by many a sock knitter?

Two hours later I can safely say that socks don't soar on two circulars. They suck. For me anyway. Who wants to have all that flopping around when I can have everything nice and neat on my 5 litle sticks?

Anyhow, though my attention span has been short I was able to finish a couple of hats...a pumpkin for Isaiah and Miss Dashwood for a friend who is due in December.

There was also a blue and white one that I forgot to take a pic of before I gifted it! The pumpkin was something I made up as I went along. I like how it came out, especially the leaf! It's made out of Sugar n' Cream kitchen cotton (they were on sale for $1.12/ball)and wasn't hard on the hands at all. Now that Miss Dashwood? I made her out of TLC Cotton Plus and I thought some of those bobbles were gonna kill me! I didn't want to make it out of wool because I'm going to pair it up with crumpets for a cute springtime outfit :o) I love how it came out and see myself making this hat again in the near future!

You're probably wondering what's with the cow. Well, the only head in the house the hats would fit on was asleep at the time of my photo shoot so I told her she could model. As it turns out, her head was too small but I didn't want to upset her by telling her she couldn't be in the picture, so there she is. Don't worry, there will be pics of Isaiah is all his halloweenie goodness (and the older boys too!) soon!

Charlene (my cow) also wanted to be in the pic of my latest yarn aquisitions...

Jimmy Beans Wool is having a special sale for the month of October...40% off a different yarn every day! That's where I got the Silky Tweed. Six balls of it to make, well, I'm not sure. Either cozy, Ella, or some sort of Clapotis. The Rowanspun DK came from Jimmy Beans as well, on clearance for $4.95/hank. I got enough to make Hamish (which of course I can't find a pic of) from Rowan Junior for my two little guys. Jaylen's will be light and dark green. Isaiah's will be with the leftovers, plus a grayish color...mouse I believe? His will probably have a striped front and solid back.

I also got 15 skeins of Den-M-Nit to make Raspy from Denim People. Great price but I tell ya Elann's shipping charges are a killer! I can't wait to try out this yarn! The idea of a yarn that washes and fades and is comfortable like a pair of jeans is brilliant! This yarn my friends is my incentive to free up my needles!

Hourglass is progressing. I won't bore you with pics. Right now it's just a tube, lol! I'm smack dab in the middle of my increases. I really hope my 12" circs I ordered gets here soom so I can get to working on those sleeves! I think it might be a little more roomy than I planned but that's ok because the working girls (I'm nursing) need their breathing room!

Ok, off to make dinner and hopefully cast on for my socks...with my 5 little sticks of course.

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Insomiknitac said...

i love your miss dashwood, i cant wait to hear your progress on crumpets- its so beautiful,