Friday, October 21, 2005

Knittin' Hard

That's what I've been doing. Unfortunately I don't feel like I'm really getting anywhere! Both the boys' sweaters are *so* close to being finished but for some reason I have no desire to knit on them. The Diamond Fantasy Shawl is stalled as well. It's been busy here and I'm tired of tinking back mistakes because I had to put it down in the middle of a row and got all discombobulated. It's a great pattern, but every row is different. It's gonna look great when it's done, I just need to find more time for 'concentrated knitting'.

Due to my stall out I thought I should start something new...a scarf made out of Manos. Uneven rib. Pretty but boring. *sigh*

So yesterday when I should have been doing laundry I was looking through my books and decided I wanted to use either the Luxury Cashmere Aran I got from AC Moore or the Nashua Creative Worsted I got from Knit Happens to make the Hourglass Sweater from LMKG. Only problem was I didn't have enough of either. No problem, I'll just run to AC Moore when hubby gets home and grab 8 more balls. They only had 6. It had gone on sale...and then 25% off of that sale price. This is why knitters hoard yarn if they even think they might want to use it! So I called Knit Happens this morning and they are holding 2 balls in Cayenne (color not on their website). Thank you, Knit Happens, for holding the yarn so I don't have to drag 3 kids out in the rain today. You're my heroes :o)

The 10 balls of the cashmere aran (just about the same thing as DBs Cashmerino) will become a turtleneck shrug and probably a gift scarf.

I also ordered 12" circs so as not to have to fiddle with DPNs for either project. I hope they don't take too long. I also hope at least one of these projects will cure my knitting ADD I seem to have.

Ella is still in the planning stages due to not wanting to spend a small fortune on the yarn. I could order from Knit Picks but I wanted to knit it in a heavier yarn and I don't care to double. I thought about dying but I don't really have the time to do it right now so I don't know. Any ideas?

In other news the boys are finally getting over colds. Demetrius had it the worst and the baby didn't get it at all really (thank goodness!!). Demetrius missed a couple of days of school and it kind of threw off the routine. I didn't even go to knit group on Wednesday...and I never miss knit group! Soccer is over and we're waiting for basketball sign ups.

Isaiah is getting so big. He was able to wear his new sweater to the last soccer game on Saturday...

I promise to start updating the blog more, like at *least* once a week. The baby is getting into a better routine and I'm able to get a little more done so I will add this place to my list :o)

On this blustery Friday I leave you with a little love...

I sent hubby to the store for a lunchable for a field trip and he came back with these! For no reason. Gotta love it!

To anyone going to the Knit Out this weekend say 'hi' if you see me. Not sure if I'm going to go if it's raining and not sure if I'll have a baby strapped to my chest or not yet but I love to chat with fellow knitters!


Insomiknitac said...

so im re-eading your post. you are more then welcome to come out and dye in my neck of the woods

mama-of-purl said...

Oooh, Isiah looks sooo cute in that sweater! Love the colors!