Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A little math for you

GA in June + no central AC = crucial business.

It's hot people. My hair is a frizzy mess and forget makeup...even mascara will slide off your eyelashes. I took the baby to the mall yesterday in search of some central air...oh, and bought myself some new clothes in hope of looking less like a sweaty, makeup~less frump.

The boys are having a blast! Ripping and running from sun up to sundown. Isaiah is not sure about all these strange people that keep trying to snatch him up. Poor kid has been hearing, 'but I'm your (auntie, uncle, cousin...fill in the blank)!!' since we got here.

The plan was to have some knitting pictures. One sock down and one to go. But of course it's all cloudy and threatening rain outside today. At least it's cooled off a bit! Maybe I can sit outside and knit without melting. Anyhow, I'll have pictures before the week is out.

People keep asking me how I'm going to survive in TX if the heat is killing me now. Well I'm not quite sure but I do know we'll have central air*!

*in my brother-in-law's defense this is an older house. He and my sister-in-law are in the process of buying a newer home...with central air :o)


Jerry & Maxy said...

Holy cats! Stay cool, as cool as you can! I can't even imagine...

Anonymous said...

We missed you at our Wednesday knit-at-night! I'm gad everything is going well so far (temperature aside.) I've been thinking of you all.