Sunday, June 04, 2006

So tired!

Well the time has finally come. The movers will be here tomorrow! We've been consolidating crappage all week. Laundry all day today. Do you know how hard it is to project what we all will need for the next 3 months (our house won't be ready until around the end of August so we'll be in a hotel) or so? We've got a 'no pack room' with clothes, toys and other essentials including of course YARN! I've got one of those huge ziplocks full and some books. Should keep me busy for a minute.

We'll be in town for another week until school is out. Then it's on to GA to visit family before heading off to TX. I can't wait until the end of next week when the actual 'moving' is over and I can relax a bit. Maybe even knit??

I want to say thanks to everyone for reading here and leaving such nice comments! I'll still be blogging during the move even if my internet access isn't what it is now.

Happy June everyone! I've even got blue toes to commemorate this month's Project Spectrum color :o)


Insomiknitac said...

good bye :( good luck- ill be thinking of you- check in when you can

Handmade Girl said...

I know all about the PCS-ing stress... When we did it, though, I was almost 8 months pregnant! The movers were totally nice and put everything together for me, and even put the TV where I wanted it, after moving it 3 or 4 times. :) See ya soon!