Wednesday, August 29, 2007

27 days...right?

I read somewhere that it takes 27 days of doing something to establish it as habit. Well my plan is to post (something) everyday for the next 27 days and hopefully get posting to become part of my routine. Because let me tell you folks, my routine has seriously changed!

I quit my job and I'm in nursing school now. It's an evening program (so that I can be with the kids during the day) and it's supposed to be geared toward the working adult. However, there is more reading required than is humanly possible. I like it though, and I'm in class M-Th.

School has started for the boys...YAY!

So now Isaiah has to make due with Phoebe...

And boy have they been busy! Isaiah somehow managed to get tangled up in my sock-in-progress. Phoebe, apparently sensing Isaiah needed rescuing, made it her business to chew through the yarn to free her partner in crime. Thank goodness it was only one spot and the yarn isn't all tangled!

The yarn is Tess Designer Supersock that I got at MDS&W. I like how it's coming out.

Oh, yeah...I'm on Ravelry too (busymamaof3). Boy can you lose a few hours poking around there, huh?

Ok, well it's time to start getting my stuff together for class and maybe try and do something with my hair :)


Bezzie said...

Cool! Nursing school! SAC? St. Philips? I know it's not my old UTHSCSA (I was an admin for the nursing school) since you're taking night classes. Which is probably for the best. All the deans are leaving!

janna said...

Hurray! You're back!