Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Apologies

I apologize for being AWOL. I have a good excuse, really I do! Oh, and I've been knitting as well.

We're moving! we got the word last Friday that we will be heading to San Antonio in June. I am so excited! Much of my recent computer time has been taken up with house hunting and whatnot. I've also been doing a little networking to find some nice knitterly types and a group of some sort. Laugh if you will, but when hubby told me the news that's the first thing I thought of...'who will I knit with??' Knitting helps to keep me relaxed in times of stress and what's more stressful than packing up the kids, the cat(!), and the husband in a 2~car caravan for a 20 some odd hour trip? I need a drink just from typing that.

Anyhow I have met some nice ladies online and was welcomed into Stitching San Antonio with open arms. I'll miss the group I am a part of here dearly though :o(

Like I said I have been knitting. Clapotis is coming along nicely. I'm up to the 4th dropped stitch. I had to rip my nacho sock because it was just too loose. I cast on again with the same amount of stitches (48) but in an allover 2x2 rib. I did my first flap heel (I'm usually a short row kinda gal) with a heel stitch (sl1, k1), and I'm almost to the toe on the first one. Oh what you want to see pictures? Well I don't have any. Due to recent events (us moving) and a teething baby I do most of my knitting late at night. If I had time to photograph my knitting during the day with good lighting I'd actually be knitting my knitting during the day in that good lighting. Hell, I'm even typing this with one hand. Besides,If you've seen one half knit Clapotis and an unfinished sock you've seen them all :o)

Yesterday I did what anyone who has 2 projects already on the needles and a multitude of other things going on would have done...cast on for another preject! I started the Big Bad Baby Blanket form Stitch N Bitch out of King Tut Cotton in a steel gray. I couldn't resist. I love the yarn and the pattern practically knits itself! When I finish one of these 3 I will start on my SockapalOOOza socks.

Speaking of socks, check out Brooklyn Handspun Yarns. I ordered some of her superwash in the flickering flame colorway and it's absolutely gorgeous. I think I'm going to have her custom dye some for me for my sock pal's socks, maybe in some purples and reds?

DH has a wedding to go to in GA this weekend but I'm staying home because I didn't want my son to miss school. I should see some project progress this weekend since I plan to knit from the boy's bedtime until I pass out.

There are many changes on the horizon for us but we can't wait! I'll keep everyone posted on moving news as I get it, that is if you care...LOL! Time for me to go knit a bit while everyone is sleeping!


Jerry & Maxy said...

Yeah!!! You're alive and well!!! I just checked your blog an hour ago to see if me or my Bloglines had missed a post from you.

Such exciting news!!! The move, not the teething and deep dark night knitting :). Good luck with the house hunt.

I'm moving in June too, don't know where yet, perhaps we can share packing tips :).

I;ve made 1 BBBB and it was a HIT! I love that pattern too. Glad to hear your clap is coming along...you have lots of good projects going on. Go Kim!!!!

Insomiknitac said...

what? you are moving? wah!!! haha just teasing! im so happy for you! there is something about that corner of maryland that sucks out out your soul then vomits it up on the beltway so a tractor trailer can overturn on it.

make sure you go to yarn harlot before friday and enter your name in the drawing for a prize it's for everyone who ever knit a stitch in their life regardless if you finished, started or even put your name on the list!

check out my blog if you have time- im going to tackle a car coat!

Pyewacket said...

Wow, if you weren't a busy mama before, you sure are now! Typing one-handed with a teething baby -- I sooooo hear you on that. May all your packing go smoothly. :-)

Kimberly said...

Wow! Texas!

Hope you'll enjoy the rest of your time in VA.

Nice to hear that the San Antonio group has already welcomed you!

Hope you'll love it there.