Friday, February 03, 2006


First off I want to thank everyone for their comments on Ella, my haircut, and my little guys. You all are so sweet. It really made me smile to log on and see such nice stuff said about something I made (kids included..LOL). Really, it means a lot just to know people read here and take time out of their busy day to leave me a note.


Things I decided to do this past week:

make a hat for Isaiah*
make a curly q scarf with leftover Brooks Farm*
get my nails done (with a nifty little design even...a perk of no longer being in the military)
clean the bathrooms**
do laundry**
grocery shop**

* Sorry, I don't have pics. My models are still asleep and it's all rainy outside. Maybe later today?
** ok, so these aren't technically things I can choose not to do. Unless I go on some type of mom strike or something.

Things I started and decided not to finish:
Essential Stripe Sweater
Little Leaf Lace Scarf
River from Rowan 38

The only one of these I have no excuse for is River. I just didn't feel like it. The Essential Stripe is a great pattern, but I'll be racing to finish the Ribby Cardi for the Knitting Olympics and I decided I'd rather not rush through two sweaters in a row. The scarf didn't like me. I just couldn't get it to cooperate with me which is weird because it's a 4 row repeat. Now I'm no master knitter but I can usually handle a 4 row repeat for goodness sake!

And then there is Cozy. Cozy hates me. I've started Cozy a number of times and it's always all wrong. This time was extra~special though because I was using Lavold Silky Tweed which I now realize I'm not crazy about. I'm seriously thinking of offering this stuff up for swap or something. I was hoping that once it was balled up it would fluff up or something. You know, be a little more pleasing to my senses but I'm still not feeling it. Knitting with it felt like knitting with sticky and slightly nubbly string. Has anyone used this stuff? What do you think of it?

What did I decide to do? While blog cruising I saw this and this and fell in love. Both patterns are from this one. Since I don't spin my own yarn and certainly can't afford enough handspun to make a big ol' shawl, I used some green Manos from my stash. I LOVE this stuff! It's going to be big and ridiculously warm and that's what I'm going for. So far it's a quick and easy knit.

I joined SockapalOOOza and recieved the names of the person I will knit for and my 'sock sister' this past Wednesday. The person I'm knitting for has tastes similar to mine, which is actually the opposite of the last socks I knit for me! Ha! Go figure. Anyhow, because of this deciding what to do shouldn't be too hard. I just need to make up my mind so I can get started when the Olympic torch goes out on the 26th!

Since I did my grocery shopping and my bathrooms are clean I'm off to knit and read some blogs while my 5 year old has breakfast

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Insomiknitac said...

kim- im feeling panicky too about the olympics i wish i could just cast on and do a row or two since i hate that part. oh well - lets go for the gold!!!!! im kinda tempted tp make myself a tee shirt with yarn harlot's yarn olympic rings on it