Monday, March 20, 2006

Short on time

So short actually that I should be taking a shower, doing dishes, or putting dinner in the crockpot while the baby naps. But I tell you...he wears me out! Sometimes when I get him down I just have to sit and collect my thoughts. You would think that a mom of three boys would have it down by the time the last little guy shows up, right? Well I don't know if I forgot because his brothers were 4 and 6 when he was born but he He's into everything. Days are a whirlwind of cheerios, CD cases (that he flings everywhere while his toys remain untouched), and hiding of the remote/phone/knitting so they don't get slobbered on. He'll yell and stomp if one of the boys has something and won't hand it over fast enough, food included, and at 8months is already standing for a few seconds at a time unassisted.

This is going to be the one folks, the one that does me in!

But I'm lovin' it

I decided on my SockapalOOOza socks and even started them!

They're the Child's First Sock form Knitting Vintage Socks. Don't laugh at all my post~its. The pattern is pretty easy and straight foward, it's just that I usually knit for 5 minutes at a time during the day and this ensures I don't lose my place. Post~its, row counters, stitch markers...these are all a busy mom's friend. Oh and coffee, don't forget the coffee! Here's a close~up of the pattern...

I must admit that I'm not really loving this yarn. It's not spun tightly enough for me and the little fuzzy spots are irking me. There was a knot too! But those are just Kim issues because the finished product is looking very nice.

I started on the Priaire Blanket using *gasp* Red Heart Soft in a cream color. This is a VERY enjoyable knit, from the yarn to the relaxing stitch pattern. I worked on it for most of the weekend. I should be able to finish by my mid~April deadline, just in time to do about 2 more. Good thing I like the pattern!

Ok, I've already gone on too long! I must go and tackle my 'chores' so that maybe I'll have time to knit this afternoon. Once again thank you all for your comments!


Handmade Girl said...

Caleb is walking now at 10 months, so I can feel your pain. I know there are dirty dishes in the sink, but running after the boy is work enough.

Mauren Mureaux said...

Oh c'mon, there's no shame in the "Red Heart"! Sometimes you've just gotta!!

My fav acrylic to work with is Caron Simply Soft. I just bought some this weekend when i realized i have a friend whose baby is due next month!!! YIKES!

Found your blog through the Black Purl Newsletter in my email. I'm in MD too.

Happy Knitting!!


Jerry & Maxy said...

For a busy Mom, you sure do get a lot of lovely knitting done :). The socks look great! And lots of moms I know prefer the easy wash and go of acrylic. Go on with your bad self!

Insomiknitac said...

the pattern is goregus!!! and you know i'll watch that little man any time!!!! too bad i had to move away right?

Vera said...

I found your blog through the Black Purl newsletter. You have a beautiful family.

What lovely socks! The colors is great.

BTW, I like RH Soft, Caron SS, and Bernat Softee. They make nice soft blankets that you can throw right in the wash.

Knittypants said...

I am really coveting your socks! They are so beautiful, thanks for the close up of the pattern. I have to learn how to knit make socks, I keep seeing such beautiful ones on all the blogs.

Andrea said...

I like your blog and your socks are beautiful.