Tuesday, February 07, 2006

No real updates but...

I've been playing with my camera

and I changed some things around here. Still some stuff I have to learn about HTML, but I think it looks ok. I still need to come up with a button and I want to add some stuff to my sidebar. I'd love to change the font of all of my titles to match my blog title but I feel that will take more time than I have at my disposal.

What else is new? Cozy still hates me. I am determined to make it work, just not now. Right now I'm working on a pinwheel baby blanket and the Manos shawl simultaneously.

Friday is the start of the Winter Olympics, which is also the start of my Ribby Cardi. In preparation I will be swatching again because I think I'm going to buy some Addis. I also need a zipper. Anyone know a good place to order from? I'm a little nervous since I have a lot going on this month. For example, this weekend we're having a sleepover for the boys. On second thought, maybe it's the thought of a house full of boys that's making me sweat?

I've also been putting some thought into what I want to do for Sockapaloooza. Right now there are two different directions I can go in. Once I figure that out I'll be shopping for yarn. Let me ask you guys...do you like fancy socks in solid yarn or plain(er) socks knit with something variegated?

I'll be giving regular updates on my Olympic project as well as the socks for my pal. Don't miss the excitement!


Trillian42 said...

What a cute picture!

And I love your new blog design - really nice colors.

As far as the sock question - I'm a big fan of the self-striping and variegated yarns, myself.

Insomiknitac said...

what a beautiful picture! i think i'm going to go with snaps on my cardi. tomorrow i'm planning on getting everything in order for the olympics. i had a pair of addi turbos size 5- i hated them but i love to have wwoden needles, or it could of been the project that didnt help either (chinilla chemo cap)

Jerry & Maxy said...

I love the new look of your blog! And what a great photo of the littlest man. Socks - well, I adore varigated yarns, soooo that's my bias. I may try self-striping for my sockapaloooza pal.

Mamma said...

Love the picture. Your kids are so cute.

I'm loving the new look for your blog. It looks great.

For the socks, what do you feel like knitting. Do you want to just knit repetitive st stitch and let some self striping yarn do the work for you? If you're in the mood that can be very relaxing. Or it can be boring. Maybe you would like to knit something more adverterous. If so then go with a solid and some lace or cables. Just go with your mood.

Nik said...

Such a beautiful baby...and I'm diggin' the haircut as well;)

Amy said...

What an adoarable picture. And a pretty baby. So cute!

Knittypants said...

Beautiful picture of your baby!

I am planning to knit the Ribby Cardi sometime soon, too. I have the yarn and pattern just need the time. It's such a nice cardi.