Monday, May 01, 2006

The Homestretch

This just in...
I'M DONE!! Pics to come when the boys and I return from running errands :o)

I'm just about to the toe on sock #2. I'll do a 'hooray I'm done!!' post when I actually bind off but I wanted to get my update in for Knitalong Tuesday :o) I'd show you all a pic but, well, it looks like the first sock did last week. And I'm pretty much sitting in the same spot that I was last week. I guess I could put it on my other foot to prove that it is indeed a different picture but I'm sure you guys trust me. Besides, I've got one kid happily fliging CD cases about the living room and the other is outside riding his bike. This is PRIME before lunch knitting time...why interrupt it by fiddling with the camera?

My socks will definitely be in the mail tomorrow on the way to my pal!

I aslo wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments about the picture in my last post. I can only take credit for one of the little boogers. The little girl belongs to a good friend of mine. They are just about the same age so watching them together is pretty funny :o)

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Mrs. H said...

Can't wait to see the finished socks. Anytime you'd like to post more pictures of your adorable baby, please do. My "baby" is 3 and I'm having the "last child blues". I'm missing having a little cherub to nibble on. I enjoy living vicariously through your pictures. hehe