Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New and 'improved' blogger

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. I've been spending some time trying to improve the blog. I've been trying since November.

First I tried to go with a separate domain, which was proving to be a real PITA. I finally got it figured out yesterday after a couple of months of trying and now I find out that you have to be some kind of high~tech computer programmer to import your new (and improved) blogger posts to wordpress.

So I thought maybe going with the flow and staying with blogger was the answer. Well customizing a new template is making me cry in frustration. It took forever to get the header situated, but now the sidebar won't cooperate. Bloggers 'widget' are hampering me from just importing all the codes for my sidebar buttons and whatnot, but if I revert back to the 'old blogger' template I lose the ability to have categories. Categories is one of the reasons I went looking for another host.

The ideal situation would be to stay here, since now I can have my domain name point here, and my rings and KALs all point here. Not to mention it's free. Has anyone had success with this new platform?

I have not knit in two days messing around with this crap. I did dye some roving though. I'll have pics later this week because right now I have to step away from the computer.


Dame Wendy said...

I'm right there with you with the whole wordpress importing debacle. I'm doing it the long way, copying each entry and comments then pasting them into wordpress. It's going to take forever but I'll get there eventually. The big problem I'm having with wordpress is bloglines isn't picking up my new posts. :( Such a PITA!!

janna said...

Is it easier to go to wordpress from old blogger? I've put off moving to new blogger because i keep thinking of moving to wordpress.....

Love the baby toes with yarn!

Anonymous said...

I know, I thought about leaving blogger, but then they offered this new version, which so far, has worked great for me. You got a cool banner going there! I don't even know how to do that.

Amanda said...

I like the new look and the banner pic with the baby is to freakin cute! Can't wait to see that roving.