Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A winter blast!!

That's what the news is saying. Welcome to southern TX winter I suppose. I don't know, but where I'm from 30 degree temps and a little freezing rain don't shut the city down. Not only are the boys home from school, but the hubby is at Blockbuster right now picking out some movies since the base was shut down as well.

All this whoopla is hampering my blog updates. The weather has been too crappy to get any good pics of what I've been up to. Not to mention how hard it is to take pictures of yarn and fiber when everyone is home.

I've been knitting. I finally finished my Madder Ribbed socks out of the Claudia's Handpaints yarn. I've started a pair for DH...the Gentleman's Plain Socks out of Vintage Socks using Mountain Colors Bearfoot. I have some other stuff going on too, and some (sort~of) knitting resolutions.

I've been spinning. I *heart* my wheel and spinning is so.much.fun! I've got lots to play with in loads of colors from The Spunky Eclectic, and I'm waiting on an order from Crown Mountain Farms. I still don't really have any idea about ratios and whatnot, but the stuff I'm producing looks like yarn so I'm happy. Maybe I should get a book.

I do have a picture for you all, though not fiber related.

How does this happen, really? After this picture was taken I found another sock~a black one. Maybe the dryer heard me bitching about laundry duty and decided to teach me a lesson?


Amysatx said...

The sock thing is pretty funny! You've definitely angered the sock/laundry gods somehow. Just think, another day off with the kiddos tomorrow! Yippee!!

Kimberly said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog! You and your kids are so cute. :)

Dame Wendy said...


Hello! You are one of the winners for the contest I had on my blog! (http://yarnandcatnaps.blogspot.com/) :) I need a mailing address for you and need to know if you can test both, tarts and votives? You can email me at: wendy@damecandlecompany.com :)

I’ll be including more info along with your testers for how to review them and where. :)

Hugs and bunnies,

Kimberly said...

My SIL is in TX too. They got hit with a winter storm and were't really prepared for it either.

Our dryer is a sock eater as well. Hope your socks turn up soon. It's soooo frustrating.

Insomiknitac said...

you need kids like mine who love to wear two different color socks!