Thursday, October 28, 2004

Greetings and Salutations!
Today, as promised, I present to you my little guy in his finished hat...

He really likes it and I am just happy to have another FO that came out as intended :o)

A friend of mine (who lives far away) had a baby last month. I decided a knitted gift would make a perfect gift and made a version of the umbilical hat from Stitch 'n Bitch...

It only took about a day and a half and I was able to use up a lot of the yarn that was left over from the boys hats. Boy do I love that Rowan All Season's cotton!

I'm still working on DHs hat. I don't think I like the Brown Sheep superwash. When I first sat down to work on it out came this, this...lump from the center of the ball. It was matted and SO not salvedgeable (is that a word, and if so did I spell it right? LOL)! So I had to frog, CUT the yarn (!) and start again...and it still doesn't look right. Well to me anyway. I'm thinking of scrapping the yarn altogether and getting something I like to work with. One of the balls I can exchange for something else but the one I used is a lost cause. Anyone have any ideas on what to do with 97% of a ball of Brown Sheep superwash? Anyone want it??

I'm planning on making a felted bag. Actually it might be a partially felted bag(can one partially felt something?). I got some Rio de la Plata which I know will felt but I also wanted to use some beautiful stuff from the Himalayan Yarn Co. and it is only 60% wool. Not sure if that will work so I will be busy felting swatches later. If the blend won't felt on it's own (I was going to do some kind of striping), I will just buy another hank and knit with both yarns throughout. I should have some progress to show next time!

Still waiting to get my car back. All I can say is thank goodness for our $250 deductible because not only is there significant damage but I need new tires as well..*sigh*..I'll just be glad to get it back!

Take care everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Both hats look great! I really like the blue and green together in the baby hat.

Sorry about the yarn for your husband. I've never tried any of the Brown Sheep products. You would think Superwash would be a little less likely to have matting occur.

Hope you get your car back soon!

marykat said...

Glad your car is on the mend. Your hats are so cute...did you say what pattern you used for the little boy hat? Maybe I shouldn't be so lazy and should just check?hehe.

Christina said...

Both hats are so cute. I like the umbilical hat with the stripe. Your little guy is cute, too.

Unknown said...

What a nice pictures! I really like your hats, and your son is a real model!
I hope we will see more pic's soon!

Leisel said...
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Leisel said...


I just have to stop and say how cute your son is. He has such big bright eyes, and I love that grin on his face. The green hat looks great on him, too.

- Leisel